Mashshare WordPress Plugin Review – Best Social Sharing Plugin?

Mashshare Social Media Share Buttons

The MashShare Plugin For WordPress

Are you looking for a social media sharing plugin for WordPress and have just fallen upon MashShare and are wondering if it’s any good or not?

Well, well then let me cover up some of the basics which will help you to know, what to expect if you decide to go with this plugin.

Paid or free?

It’s free.

Yes, this plugin does have a free version and though it is very limiting, in my personal opinion, going for this plugin and add-ons is really worth it. But there are still some things to consider:

Are you starting a new business?

If you are an entrepreneur and are about to build a business online, then your website will be your real estate on the web. So, you should probably do your best to make it as user-friendly as you can, for your visitors and potential clients. They are the ones to be given first priority.

How serious are you about growing your website?

Maybe you are carrying forward your website as a hobby or have a cake business, or you might be involved with affiliate marketing.

If you are serious about growing your audience via your website, the key you use to make it work plays a huge role.

If you are confused whether this plugin will help you in your business and get more shares, think it can. GET MASHSHARE!

Here I’m going to highlight some of my favorite things, but do remember that the add-ons for this plugin are not free.

  1. Sleek design

This plugin looks similar to that of It’s smooth, with a clean look, which does not clutter up your website. The clean look promotes easy sharing pieces of stuff on any site.

  1. Enable subscribe button

The plugin comes with a subscribe button which is awesome for growing your list. Yeah, this is a big one for all marketers who are trying really hard to build a brand out there. The button further helps you link your website to any preferred URL.

The good news is that this feature comes with the free version as well.

  1. Sharing counter

The Mashshare plugin comes with a feature which let you count the number of shares you’ve had on a post or page, till date and can be customized with different colors.

  1. Like after share

Are you kidding me! This feature, my friends, is mind-blowing!

This feature sends a pop-up, which appears on your screen after someone shares a post that promotes your Facebook fan page and others.

MashShare conclusion

Overall, I’m satisfied with this plugin. The plugin is freaking amazing, and with the add-ons package, you will get everything under one roof.

To go with this plugin will be a great choice pals! Especially the ones who want a clean look for their website and social sharing button.  Do you run this plugin at present or are you thinking about getting it? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends!